Video Game Tester at Home in 24 Hours

Video Game Testers Needed, No Experience

Sony, Apple, Rockstar and other major companies are always looking for people to test their Video Games and get honest opinions about their products.

Make a Full Time or Part Time Salary Beta Testing Video Games.

A video game testers salary depends on the efforts of the individual. With the right tools and knowledge you could land that job you have always dreamed of.

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In This Article:

Learn Where and How to Get a Game Tester Job

Make a New Career in Video Game Testing

With all the competition in the gaming industry today, companies are willing to pay you to play and find mistakes in their products.

Video game testers from home is a growing trend and only expected to keep growing.

“In April of this year, gaming was up 73% over last year” Says Mike Vorhaus contributor for – See Article Here

As the demand for video games and products increase the need for Video Game Testers is needed more than ever before.

What Does a Video Game Tester Do?

Video Game Testers Playing On Sony Pad

You may be asked to do a number of various tasks, such as Playing a game and identifying a bug or glitch, of many sorts. These problems must be identified and reported to the company with clear and informational responses.

When communicating with these companies you will need to be very detailed about the problem. Allowing them to replicate the problem so it can be identified and fixed

You may be asked to try a certain product out and give your honest feedback on its quality and durability. Companies even allowing you to keep the product after your test.

Video Game Testers - Make Money Playing Video Games

Make a New Career in Video Game Testing

What Video Game Tester Requirements do I Need?

Depending on the company that you want to work for, so there will be requirements you need to fit the companies needs.

If your a Beginner or a Hardcore Gamer looking to make money playing video games you can get a job Testing video games.

If you are a beginner, you may want to start out with a smaller company to gain knowledge and experience. This will help you land those jobs with the top companies in the long run.

These Requirements will help if you have been certified, or have a degree in:

Graduation Hat and degree - These Requirements not needed to get a video game testers job.
  • Software programming
  • Game design
  • Software engineering
  • Software quality assurance

These requirements are not needed to get a job testing video games, but they are much helpful because of the competition for jobs with top rated companies.

Qualities Needed

Qualities that will help you along your journey to becoming a Game Tester.

Hand Shake - Communication and People skills - Good skills to get a game tester job

Good writing skills

Ability to be precise on identifying problems

Knowledge in a wide range of video games and products

Ability to stay focused on a ongoing project

Communication and People skills

Remember when you are communicating with these companies you want to be professional. These jobs are real and require you to have certain skills and qualities matching their needs.

So get start today making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Jobs for Video Game Testers

Where to Get a Game Tester Job

Game tester jobs can be found all over the world. With this program you will have access to our data base where you will find jobs by site/location and work from home programs.

No matter where you live in the world you can find video game testers jobs with the information and tools this program provides.

Get game Tester Jobs Online doing these tasks.

Video Game Testers Get Paid to Play Games

Test Video Games at Home!

Participate in focus groups

Participate in online play sessions!

Get paid to test and review mobile games and apps

Take online game surveys

Make $35,000+ a year doing something you love and enjoy.

Take action Now and experience the best gaming jobs found online today!

These are legit jobs with top ranked companies like Nintendo, Sony, Google and more.

Getting a Video Game Tester Job can be difficult so if you don’t know who to contact them.

See where Henry Williams got the tools and information to make a $1,000, BETA TESTING CALL OF DUTY AND FINAL FANTASY.

Video Game Testing at Home

Get Access to Gaming Jobs Database

With a gaming jobs data base you can target the gaming company you want to work for. Get Thousands of video game tester jobs by site/location

Access thousands of entry level gaming jobs

No experience or any technical knowledge needed for many gaming companies.

Access to unreleased video games for testing

Beta Game Testing before the game even hits the market. Give your feedback and be a contributor on the newest games releasing to the public.

Get Guides and Tutorials

Get all the training you need to get started as a Video game tester at home.

“Learn to be a quality tester and get the job of your dreams.”

Person Gaming with with Headset on playing and analyzing game from home - Video Game Testing at Home

Things You Will Need

When You get a job with the company you have chosen they will more than likely, not provide you with the equipment needed.

Here is what you will need to get started.

Gaming PC – Newest Released Game Console – Tablet – Smartphone

Its best if you have them all but just a Game Console or Gaming PC . Some other Items you may want to think about is a nice size computer desk and a comfortable computer chair.

You may be spending long hours playing or testing a video game, so you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

Online Video Game Tester Benefits:

There are Pros and Con’s when becoming a game tester. Here are the ones I Think are most Important



Work from Anywhere from your PC, Console, Smart phone.

Playing Video Games and trying out equipment not released to the public.

Sense of Accomplishment when that tested game hits market

Full Time or Part Time Salary also with benefits.

Cost of Equipment Requirements for targeted gaming company.

Tedious, long term game play of games you might not like.

Health risks from long term gaming. Learn More.

The Competition on getting that Sony or other top ten gaming company job.

(ImportantLearn More About Health risks From Long Term Gaming provided by

Other Benefits:

Be the First to upload a video game to YouTube and get more views and revenue.

Write a review online about a new released video game to gain traffic to your website.

Gain the knowledge and experience to be more completive at many different kinds of games.

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Get started making money today with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Learn where and how to get a video game testers job

Get access to hundreds of companies waiting for you to work with them.

Work Full Time or Part Time from home, from 150+ Countries around the globe.

Get access to guides a tutorials to help you land that gaming, dream job.


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