Best Text To Speech Software of 2020

Transform Your Text To Speech with Human Like Voices within minutes Instead of Hours.

NEW AI Text To Speech Software:

  • Over 30 Human-sounding Voices.
  • Male and Female Voices
  • Over 20 Languages
  • Voices with Expressions

Transform Any Text Into Speech

When your giving a video presentation, Do you sound mono tone with no excitement in your voice?

No worries with this amazing new technology, in just 3 clicks, you can have the voice over that opens the eyes of your listeners and keeps them interested in your presentation video.

Best Text To Speech of 2020

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Human Sounding Voiceover Software for 2020

Robotic sounding voices could damage the views of your YouTube videos, blog posts videos, training videos and all other videos you make.

Take for instance, Your a male working on a in depth training video How to cook chicken alfrado.

Well, some of your listeners move away from your video and choose one with a females voice.

With This amazing voice over software you can choose to have a male or female voice on your video.

Best Text To Speech of 2020

People will think you used a professional speaker

How Does It Work?

Its Simple, with only three clicks you will have a professional sounding AI voiceover .

Check mark

Paste Your Text

Check mark

Choose A Voice

Check mark

Generate & Download

Best Text To Speech of 2020

Its That Easy!

Get Speechelo For A One Time Payment Special Offer

Created For Video Creators

If you don’t feel comfortable with your voice or you don’t have the expensive hardware and software to create the the voice for your video, We Have You Covered.

Speechelo has the voice over that will keep your viewers engaged and interested in the video you created.

When trying to find or download a voice to your video, you are limited on options.

option 1

Spend Hundreds of dollars Hoping you get the voice that you want.

option 2

Use another software that sounds robotic and boring.


Use Speechelo with real sounding voices that will keep your audience Engaged

All of the voices have been developed to have expressions and to sound real.

Add punctuation to give the voice you choose a better understanding of the pitch of voice that is needed to get that life like voice.

Best Text To Speech Software of 2020 for YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel or already have one?

If you are starting or have YouTube channel, to get better results you may want to take a look at the voice or non-voice of your video.

These days a professional sounding voice is needed to keep your viewers interested.

This is especially important if your using your Videos to make money.

When you are watching YouTube, do you run across videos that you just cant watch because there is no voice or just a voice that forces you to move on to the next video?

Now you know how others viewers feel when they watch a video with those same qualities.

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Software Details:

Best Text To Speech of 2020
  • 50+ Life Like Voices – Amazing Male and Female Voices
  • Text Editor – A.I. engine that will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound Life Like
  • Voice Tones – Change Voice Tones to keep viewers interested
  • Pitch & Speed – Is fully customizable and at your Control
  • Take a Breath – Add Pauses and breathing sounds for a more life like presentation.
  • 23 Languages to choose from
  • Cloud-Based Software – Nothing to download or install

You can Now create stunning voice-overs easier then ever before.

Convert Any Text To Speech

The AI engine can convert your text into a speech like no other program available today.

Use the Test To Speech software for Training, Sales, Educational videos and all other videos you can think of.

With three clicks you can have professional sounding voices that your on your videos.

Viewers will be more engaged and interested in the video they are watching.

Get Speechelo For A One Time Payment Special Offer

The Free Stuff Included:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Updates

When ever a new Update comes out your account will instantly be upgraded with no hassle.

Use from your desktop PC, Apple or smart phone

Works with any video creation software

Available in ENGLISH and 23 other languages:
Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French,
German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh.

Best Text To Speech of 2020

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