Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join

Are you ready to start your business with affiliate sales? Down below you will find my Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join.

I know from experience that all these affiliate sites and networks work. They payout (after thresh hold).

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find products to fit your niche. One of these providers will have what your looking for.

Do your research. Find the ones that fit your niche. Get ideas for your next project.

Keep in mind some affiliate sites will not accept you until you get traffic and start getting sales.

After My top 7 be sure to check out the bonus programs that are working for me and my niche’s.

Lets Get Started!

Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join

Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join


For a beginner, this would be the first affiliate site I would join.

ClickBank deals with downloadable content. Get guides, eBooks, Training courses and more.

They have a long list of categories to choose from. Select from categories, Arts, Computer software, health and fitness, cooking, self-help and more.

The great thing about ClickBank is that most of their products have lots of content that you can research and start making your own post from the information provided.

Check out Clickbank and see if they have what you are looking for.

Proceed To ClickBank and Create An Account


Rakuten Is one of the best affiliate networks out there today.

They deal with more physical products that are shipped to the customer. Don’t stress, you do not handle or ship any of these products purchased from your site.

Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join - Rakuten

They provide an extensive list of companies that are willing to work with you. After signing up you can start promoting companies also products from big companies. Newegg, Gamestop, and NCR just to name a few companies I use.

With thousands of companies and products to choose from, Find the products you need for your website at Rakuten.

Proceed To Rakuten and Create An Account


ShareASale is another affiliate network much like Rakuten.

They deal with physical products that are shipped and handled from affiliated sites you are working with.

In my experience with ShareASale. I have found that it is difficult to get accepted to their program. Nevertheless, they have a ton of companies and products to choose from.

Before signing up with ShareASale you will want to make sure you have plenty of content on your site. You will also want to have traffic to the site, also sales.

Proceed To ShareASale and Create An Account


Amazon is simply the best one for products. They have so many options, therefore, making it easy to find products for any Niche.

Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join - Amazon

If you are working with Amazon there are many ways to promote their products. Native ads, Widgets, Link to Page, Link To Products and More. Furthermore giving you more sales abilities than any other Affiliate Program.

Amazon has an all-around great affiliate program. Furthermore increasing your chances of succeeding. You can also Dropship with Amazon.

Coming soon – Learn To Dropship With Amazon.

Coming soonLearn To Dropship With Ebay.

Customers love Fast Shipping and Quality Products. Therefore making Amazon the best program that you can join out of The Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join.

Proceed To Amazon and Create An Account

JvZoo and WarriorPlus

These 2 Affiliate programs are much like ClickBank. They are great for the experienced and the beginner.

JvZoo and WarriorPlus deal in downloadable products. Not only are they a great affiliate provider, but you can also find products that can be much useful to you and your business.

When signing up for these two, be sure to search around their products and see if they’re something that can be useful to you.

Proceed To JvZoo and Create An Account

Proceed To WarriorPlus and Create An Account

Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ is one of the leading affiliate networks available.

Cj is much like Rakuten and ShareASale, offering physical products from large and small companies. Most companies offer a great commission rate along with great products.

They deal with many companies and products that can help you start earning commissions. Even though this is the last one on my Top 7 Affiliate Sites To Join, It is a very powerful tool to have.

Working with CJ is easy and can get you the sales and traffic you need to start making money online.

Proceed To CJ and Create An Account

That wraps up my Top 7 Affiliate Networks to Join

All of them are truly great programs to join. They all have terrific commission rates.


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Brunette MarketingSign Up Here

SurfShark VPN – Go Here To Sign Up

Be Sure to Check Back Frequently as I Add More to this List.


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