Top 3 Dropship Suppliers of 2019 for a Beginner

Here I will go over my Top 3 Dropship Suppliers of 2019 for a beginner. Also learn about plug-ins that help, Information about the supplier, And more.

In the year of 2019, I used these suppliers and was successful with all three.

These are beginner-friendly suppliers that can get you started.

They are free to use but if they offer a plug-in or Google Extension It will cost you a little. The plug-ins are well worth it though.

Top 3 Dropship Suppliers of 2019 for a Beginner

1. AliExpress

Aliexpress is free to use and there are a few plug-ins you can use.

Top 3 Dropship Suppliers

The good thing about Aliexpress is that they offer a wide variety of products that you can get cheap.

Select from categories such as Beauty, Electronics, Fashion, Home and Garden, and more.

The Bad Thing about Aliexpress is that it is mostly China-based wholesalers and manufacturers. So the shipping times are usually long. There are some in the USA and can be found using a filter.

If you decide to use Aliexpress be sure to do your research. Look at the reviews of the company, Shipping time, and quality of the product.

Plug-ins and Extensions

There are a few Plug-ins also extensions I have used. The best one I have found is wooShark.

wooShark has a free plug-in that you can import your products with limitations. With the plug-in, they offer an extension that has a low cost to purchase it.

The extension will help manage the prices and the stock information, plus import reviews and more. Therefore saving you time.

Here are the links you need to get started with Aliexpress.

  • Aliexpress
  • wooShark

The next two (of the top 3 Dropship Suppliers of 2019 for a Beginner) are easy to work with, but at this time there is no Plug-in or extension to import with. This means you will have to manually apply the products to your site.

This is where the work comes in.

You will have to manage the inventory yourself. Therefore taking a lot more time to update and import products.

Top 3 Dropship Suppliers

2. DHgate

DHgate is similar to AliExpress. It is also free to use.

DHgate is a China-based wholesaler that deals with similar products as AliExpress.

With DHgate it seems to have a little bit faster shipping than wish or Aliexpress.

3. Wish

Top 3 Dropship Suppliers

Wish Is a China-based wholesaler with awesome prices.

I personally buy from there before I sell the product. Their shipping can be really slow and the products can be not well made and generic.

With the deals they have, you can buy a product, wait until you receive it and list it.

List it in your eCommerce store, eBay, And anywhere else you can think of.

This concludes the article of Top 3 Dropship Suppliers of 2019 for a Beginner.

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