Start a Blog or eCommerce Site

There are many things you need when starting a blog or eCommerce site.

Here in this article, I will be going over the first things you will need when getting started.

If you have stumbled on to this post you must be ready to make some real money online with a website.

First things first let go over the basic things you will need to start your business.

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How You Can Make Money With a Blog or eCommerce site.

Start a Blog or eCommerce Site -  top 7 affiliate networks to join

Affiliate Work

For the beginner, I would start with becoming an affiliate.

To become an affiliate is easy and mostly free.

Just sign up with some good affiliate sites and start selling their items. When you sell their items you will earn a commission.

The good thing about affiliate work is that you only have to promote their product. No Shipping, No Taking Orders.

It’s all done for you promote their product, get a sale, earn a commission.

Go Here to see a list of the top 7 affiliate networks work with.


This method may be for the more experienced. Dropshipping is a great way to make money by selling products online. With the right manufacturers and wholesalers, you can make enough money to live good on.

Some dropship programs cost a small fee in some way but some methods are free. You can sell their product (like it’s your own).

Get paid for their product, then order the product and have it shipped straight to their address that was provided. Dropshipping is a lot more work but with better cash results in my opinion.

Learn more about dropshipping programs and methods Here

Start a Blog or eCommerce Site To Make Money Online


First of all, getting a good website that is easy to use and navigate around would be WordPress.

I suggest when you start a blog or eCommerce site using a WordPress site would be the best choice.

It is easy to navigate and you have tons of options on how you want your site to look. With easy to install plugins you can make your site stand out from the others.

There are so many things you can do with your very own website and WordPress makes it easy with giving you a site nearly ready, Just waiting for your finishing touches to make it your unique place in the online world.

Go To WordPress


When just starting you will want to find a perfect domain name for the niche you are planning on going after.

This plays a big part in how your website attracts people.

you will want to pick a good domain name and good keyword within the name that represents your site’s niche.


So say you are going to try the sewing niche, you would see if the domain name sewingwithangel is available and is a good fit for your site.

When you have picked a few domain names for your website head on over to Godaddy and get started creating your site.

Go To GoDaddy


You are going to building your online presence. Better think about protecting your privacy.

When you are surfing the web, finding information, products whatever you may be doing, without a good security measure put in place, you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • Protect your online identity by using a VPN provider. GO HERE
  • Get the software, for malware and viruses. GO HERE

Make sure you protect your online identity before you start a blog or eCommerce store.


More Information

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