Real Estate Video Creation Software

This Real Estate Video Creation by VideoRemix called X-Video is Launching June 18, 2019

This will be the best video creation software for anyone selling real estate.

With easy to use interface, have your video designed in minutes.

How X-Wave from VideoRemix works

It is so simple a 12 year old can do it.

X-Wave - Real estate Video Creation - In Just 3 Easy Steps You Can Have A Quality Real Estate Video To Send To Your Customers. AI Technology Included In This Program
  1. Enter any URL into X-Wave
  2. Choose a template for your video
  3. X-Wave AI Constructs Optimizes And Renders Your Video

If you know how to copy and paste that’s all you need to know to get started making fabulous videos

Its that simple!


Or See Video At The Bottom Of The Page

Why Should I Use X-Wave For A Real Estate Video

X-Wave is so easy to use and it can boost your marketing campaign.

With Its AI technology it becomes more personalized the more you use it.

The AI video generator will do 90% of the work.

This is the only video creating software that has AI video assistant. Click To Tweet

Quality videos have been known to convert up to 80% higher than other marketing methods.

X-Wave is very user friendly as you need no technical skills to run this program. It does it all for you.

You are able to create videos, with text, in a matter of minutes. Saving you time from doing all that video editing yourself.

Choose a template, Put the URL in of the video you want to create, then watch the majic happen.

It will import the Images and Text, design it to the template of your choice.

After it has created your video you can modify it to your needs. Change the pictures around edit the text that it imported or just leave it alone an post it.

This software really does do it all.

What Is AI Technology

AI technology is a group of software, logic, computing, and philosophical disciplines, that acts as a human mind. This means that it performs tasks like a human mind, such as learning and reasoning.

This makes your videos appealing to your customers. Therefore keeping your customer watching to find out all the information they need to know.

Why send them a long text with still images. They may not spend the time reading over it.

But with X-Wave you just send them a video that they can’t resist to watch.

Real estate Video Creation Software – Features

This program can really help any business out not only real estate.

There is no other video program out there that has this many features.


  • It is a 100% Cloud based.
  • AI video creation.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • High Rendering Speed.
  • Photos Upload directly.
  • Professionally Designed Templates.

That’s just a few of many features this Cloud based software has.

Totally An Awesome Program!

The 20 professionally designed templates (10 Templates aim at real estate niche) are all amazing templates. After you have selected your template you can start customizing it to your needs.

After you have customized the template and rendered your video you now ready to share it.

Share it on Youtube, Facebook or download it to your computer. How ever you want to share your video.

How Many Videos Can I Create and Render?

There is a limit of 20 HD videos (rendered) A Month with subscription to X-Wave VideoRemix.

If you need to render more than that you can upgrade the package to X-Wave Agency.

This will allow you to render a total of 500 HD videos.

Buying X-Wave.

Certainly the product your getting you can not find another program with this many features for this low price.

X-Wave Commercial Use:

Commercial Use - Real estate Video Creation - In Just 3 Easy Steps You Can Have A Quality Real Estate Video To Send To Your Customers. AI Technology Included In This Program

Non-Commercial Use:

Non-Commercial Use - Real estate Video Creation - In Just 3 Easy Steps You Can Have A Quality Real Estate Video To Send To Your Customers. AI Technology Included In This Program

After Your Purchase of X-Wave

Certainly You must be interested in this amazing real estate video creation software or you wouldn’t still be here.

Check out the videos below to see a walk through and see how it worked for a Beta Tester.

Here is a walk through performed by one of the developers.

Here is a Review by Terri Bork – Beta Tester

Real Estate Video Creator Up Grades.

X-Wave Agency Upgrade For A Yearly Subscription >>> Go Here <<<

X-Wave Agency Upgrade Monthly Subscription >>> Go Here <<<

X-Wave Guerilla Sales System >>> Go Here <<<

Be sure to buy one of the X-Wave programs before purchasing the upgrades.


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