Post Affiliate Pro Review

On this Post Affiliate Pro Review, I will be going over why its the most powerful Software for your affiliate business.

Post Affiliate Pro is a Digital Software that allows you to track all of your affiliates.

There is no other program like this.

Have as many affiliates as you want all tracked in one place.

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Post Affiliate Pro Review – Why Post Affiliate Pro?

This digital software makes it easy to see all your affiliates programs with a quick report snapshot.

Get paid in many different currencies and have it defaulted to the currency of your choice.

Therefore making it nice to affiliates around the world accepting the different currency.

Tracking Methods Offered

State of the art Direct Link Tracking. You will not find this feature in any affiliate digital software like this one.

Other tracking methods that Post Affiliate Pro Offers are:

  • Flash cookie tracking
  • IP address trackingPost Affiliate Pro Review - Business Owners and Managers - This Software Can Take Your Business To New Heights. Start Generating Affiliate Sales.
  • HTML5 cookie tracking
  • Browser cookie tracking – First party cookie stored on a tracked domain
  • Also Browser cookie tracking – Third-party cookie stored on the domain of Post Affiliate Pro

That’s Not All!

Our extended tracking methods allow you to track:

  • Private and special commissions – So you can give special commissions to those of your choice while being private about it.
  • Impression Tracking – Allows you to view the impressions that your Banners also links are getting
  • Lifetime commissions – Never lose a customer because they logged in a different computer, even in another country.
  • Action Tracking – The Best tool available because you can track whatever you want.
  • Coupon Tracking – Great for those who want to give their affiliates a coupon to give to their customers.
  • Product tracking – Allows you to Track a specific product or category.

There is so much more as we update and it’s all free with a membership. Get Lifetime updates.

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This is the best affiliate software 2019!

Track campaigns on an unlimited number of websites also different domains.

One of the most important features is the commission tracking.

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Currency List Here

With Post Affiliate Pro, track all things related to your commissions.

  • Track CPA commissions – Define and determine when commissions are paid out “per click” or other “per” variables.
  • Recurring commissions – Generate a period in which recurring commissions are paid to your affiliates.
  • Multi Level Commissions – An affiliate tree that allows a certain amount of commissions for a certain level.
  • Rewards – Reward your top-selling affiliates (or other guidelines you have in place) with a bonus automatically.
  • Split commissions – Reward affiliates that participate in a certain sale.
  • Group commissions – Set different commissions for affiliates in the same campaign.

With this software, you can grow your affiliate network with many levels. Furthermore, this allows your affiliates to want to help you grow your business.

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Post Affiliate Pro Review – Promotional Tools

Post Affiliate Pro Review - Business Owners and Managers - This Software Can Take Your Business To New Heights. Start Generating Affiliate Sales.There are many ways that your affiliates and you can promote your business.

With the promotional tools that we have in place you can create amazing banners.

There are banners here that you will not find. There is no other Digital Software like this. Be on top of things and show the customers banners also images, that they will want to click on.

The Promotional Tools Included

  • Text link Banners – A lot of affiliates don’t mind promoting with a simple text banner. It is simple to create a text banner to give to your affiliates.
  • Peel Banners – Is a unique banner that has amazing animation also peels back from both top corners of the affiliate’s page.
  • Image Banners – This is one of the most effective and commonly used banners that allow you to display your product or service.
  • HTML Banners – This allows you to customize the look of your banner, Also giving you unlimited options that you can use to design your banner.
  • Coupon Banners – This allows you to give coupons out online also offline, Giving your customer to buy your product or service cheaper.
  • PDF Banners – will convert text written in a WYSIWYG editor, directly to a PDF document.
  • Flash Banners – Promote your products in a attractive way with animation that catches your eye. They are a rich media type that links to a destination URL.
  • Banner Rotation – Have your banners rotate and show other products also services your offering.
  • Zip Banner – Send your affiliates hundreds of customized files. Store File of any type including text documents, customized affiliate documents, image documents and more.
  • Viral PDF – Allows you to create a special type of promo materials – rebrandable e-books. You can create your PDF e-book only once and upload it to Post Affiliate Pro

Another great feature is the Site Replica. This allows you to create replica sites to give to your affiliates. But Post Affiliate Pro digital software will also personalize pages for each of your affiliates.

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Post Affiliate Pro Review – Closing Statements.

Overall this program is what any online business needs. If you have a product or service and you want help from others. This software is indeed what you need.

This is the best affiliate software 2019!

Don’t pay those high pricesPost Affiliate Pro Review - Business Owners and Managers - This Software Can Take Your Business To New Heights. Start Generating Affiliate Sales. for advertising when you can advertise through affiliates.

There are hundreds of more amazing features that Post Affiliate Pro offers and they are always adding new features.

Go Check Out Post Affiliate Pro and Start Growing Your Business To New Heights!

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