How To Get A Solo Public Lobby – GTA5

In this article I will be explaining how to get a solo public lobby in GTA5 Online.


You may ask yourself “why a solo public lobby?”

There are a couple of reasons why you might want a solo public lobby.

The biggest reason is to get away from Griefers.

Get Away From Griefers

Griefers are game players that make your GTA experience terrible. So in order to get away from these toxic players you may want to go get that solo lobby.

Griefers make the game aggravating and discouraging to play.

They will destroy your Cargo, Supplies, ect. for no reason at all. Sure they get 2,000$ dollars for doing this.

Most would do it for nothing, just to make your experience bad.

Get A Solo Public Lobby

Lets get to it,

First thing you will want to do is load in your GTA5 game and select the story mode. You do not want to be online at this time.

Now that you are in story mode lets get to the technical part. No worries anyone can do this. Follow me step by step and you will see how easy it is to get a solo public lobby.

  1. Go to your PlayStation start up menu.
  2. Select Settings icon and press x
  3. Scroll to the Network
  4. Select Set Up Internet Connection
  5. Then choose from Wifi or LAN Cable (when selecting Wifi Pass code may be needed)
  6. Select Custom
  7. When the IP address settings screen appears Select Automatic
  8. DHCP Host Name screen Select Do Not Specify
  9. DNS Settings screen Select Automatic
  10. MTU Settings Go to Manual and hit
  11. Then hit x on MTU and change the number to 850
  12. Proxy Server screen Select Do Not Use
  13. Then Test Internet Connection

After you have established internet connection go back to Playstation start up screen and load back into GTA5.

You should still be in story mode.

Lets Make Some Money

Now you will want hit your options button and go to ONLINE tab and select Play GTA Online

Then Select Go, press x for OK.

You should now be in a Solo Public Lobby

Pro’s and Con’s


  • No Griefers
  • You can sell product with no one to worry about (other than NPC’s)
  • Do Client jobs and VIP work with no interruptions from others.


No extra Bonus. Selling in a public lobby with others awards you 1% per player bonus.

If you hire a a friend as a prospect or associate they possibly can get kicked from your lobby quit often.

Coming Soon

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