Before Beginners Affiliate Training ( Part 2 )

Hopefully, by now you have your site up and running. So now your ready to get started creating your website to make money. Before Beginners Affiliate Training is about over and you ready to move on to the next step.

Here are some things you will need to know when your getting your first live page up and going.

When creating a page as an affiliate you will need to know that you must create good content. Good content allows Google to rank you better. Do not copy and paste someone’s article to your page. That will get you nowhere.

So let’s get started with signing up for an Affiliate network. We are only going to use Click Bank at this time.

Beginners Affiliate Training – ClickBank

This is where you will find offers to promote on your website.

ClickBank is great to get started with especially if your a beginner. Its very user-friendly. With ClickBank, you can earn up to 75% commission.

Fill out the application to ClickBank to get started. Be sure to fill out everything. Even your banking. They will need this so you can get paid.

Here is a short video to walk you through the signing up >>>Go Here<<<

To sign up with ClickBank >>>Go Here<<<

Beginners Affiliate Training – ClickBank Market Place

Now that your signed up, you should be prompt to the dashboard screen. It will look something like this —>

Before Beginners Affiliate Training ( Part 2 ) - Learn How To Promote Products From ClickBank and Other Affiliate Services.

A few things you will need to know about the dashboard. The first thing is the Market Place. The Market Place is where you will find the products to promote.

Before Beginners Affiliate Training ( Part 2 ) - Learn How To Promote Products From ClickBank and Other Affiliate Services.

After you have clicked on the market place, you can now start to look for the product you want to promote. On, The left you will see categories Pick one or just use the search and find a product.

If you can’t find what you want because of the type of niche you have, Pick something for training here.

I will be giving you all the affiliate networks to use at a later date. This is just to help you understand what you will be doing to promote.

After you have found the product you want to promote. Go to their website and see what they are about. You will have to write at least a 500-word article on the product.

This article needs to be in your own words.

In the next step, I will be explaining the basics of writing an article. I will be going over KEYWORDS and GOOD SEO CONTENT. These are things you will need to know when writing a good article.

Beginners Affiliate Training – ClickBank Reporting

ClickBank reporting is indeed an awesome tool they provide to check and see how a certain offer you have is doing.

This will allow you to sort through good offers and bad offers. If you have an offer that is performing well. You will want to promote the offer in more places and frequently.

Using ClickBank And Getting Links

Now for the fun stuff. So now we want to find an offer to promote. Watch the video and see how to grab a link to use in your blog post.

If you don’t understand what a link is, It is how you get paid. Your link is different than everyone else.

When someone clicks on the link on your post it will lead them to the direct offer.

Then if they purchase the product you will get paid the commission. This is all tracked by the link you provided.

Beginners Affiliate Training

As you find products be sure to add them to your favorites. This will make it easier to return to that specific offer.

If there is something you would like to see about ClickBank, Email me at

Until Next Time Peace Out

Before Beginners Affiliate Training Part 1 – Learn About Affiliate Marketing

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