Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

People think you have to have a website to make money online. Affiliate marketing without a website can be done!

Yes, it does take away the potential to make an even better income but it can be done.

Here I am going to show you a method that has made thousands of dollars for beginners and the experienced.

Affiliate marketing without a website 101

The first thing is Social Media is where you are going to be able to promote a product of your choice.

So if you’re not signed up for:

Facebook - Twitter - Affiliate Marketing Without a Website -  Is A Good Way To Start Earning Some Cash, But With A Website You Open The Doors For More Possibilities
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

Then you need to sign up with them. There are a few places where you are going to make sales. There’s more than those listed above, sign up for all of them.

Anymore Social Media counts for 60% of my traffic.

Note: This means you could be losing out without a website. Because 40% of my traffic comes from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Affiliate marketing without a website is done mostly over social media.

That’s what most YouTubers and bloggers will tell you and for the most part that is true. BUT there are other places you can be getting more traffic.

More traffic = More Sales

I will show you these methods.

You will also need to get a niche and some affiliate services you can work with.

Affiliate Services You Can Use Without A Website

Amazon is one of the few that you can be an affiliate with that doesn’t require a website.

Jvzoo has an amazing affiliate program where you can sell their products for a commission without a website.

eBay also is another that you can promote products without a web site.

Why You Should Not Be In Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

I tried marketing without a website at first.

I did make some commissions but nothing that amounted to anything. It was difficult and very time-consuming.

But I started using affiliate links that didn’t pertain to my site and started posting on social media. There again struggled to get sales.

Then I found a way to attract costumers to my product and it was mostly all done through…Pinterest.

So the best way to advertise a product on Pinterest is by creating your own images and embedding your link into them.

Its time consuming but is well worth it.

First of all, you will need a place to design your advertisement.

Canva is a great place to start designing your advertisement.

Pinterest and Canva For Affiliate Marketing

What you’re going to want to do after getting set up with Pinterest and Canva.

Pinterest - Affiliate Marketing Without a Website -  Is A Good Way To Start Earning Some Cash, But With A Website You Open The Doors For More Possibilities

Go to whatever affiliate network that you are working with.

Find a product that suits your niche.

Review that product and gather all the important information about it.

Go to Canva and create 3 different advertisements for that product.

Embed your links into them and post them on Pinterest.

When posting on Pinterest

Be sure to explain in the description everything about the product.

  1. A good heading is a key
  2. The description of the product outline
    • About the product
    • What it does
    • Ways it’s useful
    • Pro’s & Con’s
    • Closing – Specs, what you think about the product, etc.
  3. A self-made advertisement image

Be sure that on all three posts that you use different keywords and 3 different inscriptions of that product. (re-write the same thing in different words).

This should help you start getting noticed.

Helpful Hints about Pinterest.

  • Get into groups
  • Follow a bunch of people and some will follow you
  • Create 10 Boards evolving around your niche
  • Put 20 Pins on each board. (they don’t have to be your own)
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